We are currently seeking personnel for the following Churches

Trinity United Church of Christ, Berlin, PA
Membership – 320
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines/parsonage provided
Position – Interim Pastor, part-time/full-time
Berlin is a small, rural, close-knit community with a population of slightly over 2000. We are fortunate to experience a low crime rate and a reasonable cost of living status. Situated in the Laurel Highlands, a beautiful, mountainous area, we are within relatively close proximity to Pittsburgh for entertainment, health care and travel needs.

At Trinity our emphasis is on God’s unconditional love. We are united by our common faith in Jesus Christ and enriched by the diversity of our members. Together we seek to worship God, grow spiritually, live faithfully as disciples and stewards, share the good news of Jesus, and serve others in Jesus’ name.

We are looking for a part-time or full-time interim pastor who will lead us on a journey of self-reflection, in order to prepare to call our future pastor.

Christ UCC, Latrobe PA / St. John’s UCC, Darlington PA
Membership – 143
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; either parsonage or housing allowance provided
Position – Settled Pastor, Full-time
With joint effort, our churches are on a journey to become more diverse and growing congregations with a Pastor being led by the Holy Spirit who has a heart for missions and who is excited to participate in the life of the Church and Community. Christ Church is seeking an enthusiastic and energetic pastor who is willing to work collaboratively with church members and develop a genuine, mutual friendship with us. Simply, we are seeking a pastor who is motivated by love – a love for Christ, a love for His word, a love for His people and a love for His work. Vision Statement: Not our will, but God’s. Mission Statement: To reflect Christ’s love in everything we do. St. John’s Church is a small church. We recognize that we exist by the grace of God as manifested in alliances and covenants with other organizations and when our time is over, we will pass into history as the churches Paul speaks to, and that is okay. But, we are still here and continue to be a family, a good and helpful neighbor and member of a community. We do not seek growth, acclaim or riches, but believe that if we do God’s will all these things will be added to us. Yet, that is not the reason we try to walk rightly. We recognize that is the outcome of walking rightly, not the reason to do these things. We will wax or wane as God sees fit, meanwhile we march on. Christ Church: Latrobe is a small city with a good overall quality of life. Local schools and hospitals receive recognition for achievements and quality of care. The Latrobe area provides a “small town” atmosphere with access to both large city amenities and rural recreational opportunities. St. John’s Church: Darlington is a village located in Ligonier Valley. It is a semi-rural location with a good quality of life, family atmosphere, deep roots and history.
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Trinity UCC, Saxton PA
Membership – 72
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; parsonage provided
Position – Settled Pastor, 1/2 time
The Trinity United Church of Christ and it’s Congregation are faithful to the worship of God and passionate about God’s work. We welcome everyone who is seeking a relationship with Christ to join us in our beautiful Church Building/Sanctuary in Saxton, PA to worship. It is our priority as a congregation to continue to grow our Church family as well as to continue to reach out to our community and beyond to spread the love of Christ.
We are located in a community that provides many outdoor opportunities such as state parks, cycling trails, boating, etc. We are very proud of the educational opportunities in our area that consist from local school districts to post-secondary colleges and universities. Although we are a rural community we are within a 2 to 2.5 hour drive to several urban areas that provide many additional cultural opportunities. We are also fortunate to have a strong music ministry and are blessed with talented individuals who assist us in praising God through musical presentations.
We are in search of a pastor who is enthusiastic and motivated to work with people of all ages and is willing to utilize both traditional and alternate methods of worship and outreach. We want our minister to be willing to work with our congregation in developing strategies to move forward in an ever changing world. Our next pastor will be our congregation’s spiritual guide and will assist all people to grow in the faith of Christ.

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St. Paul’s UCC, Erie PA
Membership – 97
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; no housing provided
Position – Settled Pastor, 1/2 time
Like most traditional churches these days, St. Paul’s congregation has grown smaller especially since the pandemic brought additional challenges. We do desire to continue be a church with strong spiritual bonds. We are always looking for new opportunities to help in ways that may challenge us to look outside ourselves. We look forward to working together with a pastor to expand our footprint in the community. St. Paul’s also houses “The Upper Room of Erie” a daytime homeless shelter. The Upper Room is a separate non- profit entity but we benefit each other. We provide part of our building as a place where their organization can help assist the less fortunate to find their way in the world and the Upper Room contributes financially to help defray the cost of utilities. Several members of St. Paul’s also serve on the Upper Room executive board. There are several colleges in our community that we might be able to reach out to. There are also several groups that are very committed to re-energizing downtown Erie. We need to find a way to become a part of the transformation. We need a pastor who is willing to help us reach out to the community.
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St. John’s Union Church, Mt. Pleasant PA
Membership – 49
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; no housing provided
Position – Interim Minister, 1/4 time
Saint John’s Union Church located in Mt. Pleasant Township has been serving the community for over 200 years. We are a Union of Evangelical Lutheran and Reformed United Church of Christ. Our pastor of over twenty years recently resigned, which leaves us looking for an interim pastor on a ¼ time basis. We are a smaller congregation looking to grow our membership with the guidance and word of a pastor who can fulfill this position.

Amity Reformed UCC, Meyersdale PA
Membership – 113
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; parsonage provided
Position – Interim Minister, Full-time
Amity UCC is a Faithful and Welcoming Church in Meyersdale located in the Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania. We are searching for a full-time interim minister to help guide us in our search for a settled minister. A position of three-quarter or half time would be seriously considered. The parsonage is located next to the church with a two-car garage and small parking lot. Our compensation package follows the conference guidelines. Amity has active Bible study, Sunday schools, Called to Care, Missions, on-line recording of our Sunday worship service and an active church choir. Our average attendance is thirty with a current active membership of about fifty families. We would like a minister who will continue to visit our shut-ins, residents of nursing homes, counsel our members and lead us in meaningful worship. The community food bank is located across the street from the church and we participate in that activity. Meyersdale has a local hospital, rural health clinic, library, ambulance and fire services and a visitor center located on the Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail. The Pennsylvania turnpike and Maryland Interstate 68 exits are each within a 20-minute drive from Meyersdale providing access to universities and more urban shopping opportunities. We are in close proximity to many outdoor activities at ski resorts, state parks, state forests and state game lands.

The Abbey Reformed UCC, Huntingdon PA
Membership – 55
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; housing allowance provided
Position – Settled Pastor, full-time
The members of the Abbey congregation are passionate about maintaining a vibrant and engaged commitment to doing the work we are called to do as Disciples of Christ. Our prayer is for a minister whose vision aligns with ours regarding long-term planning and strategizing of how best to integrate the invaluable experiences of in-person worship with the convenience and accessibility of on-line worship. We strive to find a spiritual balance of maintaining some “tradition” while recognizing the need to be a “hybrid church” which can adapt to the changing times and the way people worship and serve. Our focus on missions and service, being a welcoming and accepting congregation, and willingness to explore new opportunities to put our faith into action are essential. We seek a pastor whose spiritual guidance will keep us grounded and focused on Christ and will help us grow in our faith.
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Smithfield UCC, Pittsburgh PA
Membership – 226
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; housing allowance provided
Position – Interim Pastor, full-time
Smithfield United Church of Christ (www.smithfieldchurch.org) is seeking a full-time, intentional interim who has administrative experience with multiple staff in an inner city ministry setting to be in place for September 1, 2022. We are Pittsburgh’s oldest congregation (1782), situated on a Penn Family land grant in the City’s Golden Triangle. Although relatively small in numbers, Smithfield United Church of Christ maintains a vibrant downtown ministry, hosting the Operation Safety Net Cold Weather Shelter and a well-used food pantry. We are part of the Downtown Pittsburgh Ministerium (https://downtownpittsburghministerium.org/) working closely with our neighboring congregations. With the retirement of our long term Senior Minister, we are poised for leadership, ideas, and ways to uphold our mission statement, “Ours is an inclusive congregation, Open and Affirming (ONA). We are committed to oneness in Christ across all boundaries of race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, family structure, faith background, ability, and economic circumstance.”

Zion’s Reformed UCC, Greenville PA
Membership – 748
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; housing allowance provided
Position – Interim Minister, Full-time
Zion’s Reformed Church, United Church of Christ, is located in Greenville, PA, a small town in Northwest PA. We are a caring congregation who enjoy spending time together. We are also very involved with service projects throughout our community. We have 450 participating members and we are the largest congregation in the Penn West Conference. Zion’s has been part of the Greenville community for over 150 years. We are looking for a full-time interim pastor who will lead us on a journey of renewed community and self-reflection as we work together to call a settled pastor. Come to Greenville and be part of our journey!

St. John’s UCC, Martinsburg PA
Membership – 57
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; housing allowance provided
Position – Settled Pastor, 1/2-time
We, the family of St. John’s UCC are committed to “Living” our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ, open and sharing of our love for all of God’s children, feeding the hungry, locating the forgotten and lonely, and seeking ways to welcome them. Our disciple’s welcome people of diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and religions to be beside us as we strengthen our faith in Christ.
We are seeking a pastor who will preach relevant and engaging sermons in our beautiful sanctuary where we share great music in worship with our committed core attendance. We want our next pastor to have energy and enthusiasm to build family outreach, to work with people of all ages, to be involved in community organizations, and to share in the work of the Conference and Association.
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Unity UCC, Berlin (Shanksville) PA
Membership – 345
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; housing allowance provided
Position – Pastor, 1/2 time
Unity is a merger of several congregations and about 200 years of ministry in the Glades. Our constitution states that “the purpose of this congregation is to establish in this community a Christian congregation for worship, to promote the Christian life, to celebrate the Sacraments, and to advance the Kingdom of God by all available means at home and abroad.” We are looking for a leader who is also a working member; this person will need to be welcoming, encouraging, friendly, and approachable. It is important to us that the pastor, in conjunction with the congregation, will: help foster a comfortable environment where people want to gather; feel comfortable experimenting with technology and worship; encourage and support Sunday school attendance and youth participation; participate in church and community events that the church hosts whether it benefits the church or benefits the community at large; and provide leadership and proactivity towards growing our local and community mission work, both hands on and monetary.
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Woodcock Valley Charge, Entriken PA
Membership – 159
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; housing allowance provided
Position – Settled Pastor, 3/4-time
Our charge is looking to continue to reach out to the community to offer spiritual leadership. Our goal is to keep the continuity of our current church family and grow our congregation through networking and community outreach. We would like a three-quarter time vibrant minister who is going to lead, support, and become part of our church family.
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