Weber Memorial Site

Looking for a place for your church picnic or an outing for your youth group? Consider Weber Memorial (Officially named - The John William Weber Memorial Site).


Located west of Youngwood, this 79 acres of land includes a picnic shelter with tables, running water, restrooms, electricity, open field for games, programs, etc. In addition, the site contains a chapel (the former Milliron Reformed Church), historic cemetery, care-taker’s house, and woods.

History (from 1985 brochure):
“The property was established as a Memorial to John Weber, itinerant preacher who came to western PA in 1779 and was the first Reformed pastor called to serve in western PA. With the coming of “Father Weber,” as many old records designate his being called, the Reformed Church sprang to life in western Pennsylvania. The circuit riding preacher was cited as being “one of the most colorful characters to criss-cross these hills.” Traveling alone and on horseback most of the time, carrying his prayer book, he went well armed against possible Indian attaches with also a musket and horse pistol, as he visited the many congregations he organized and served…Harrold’s; Brush Creek; Kintigh’s; Smithfield in Pittsburgh; St. Paul’s at Trauger; Hill’s of Export; Denmark Manor; Berlin, Christ Church of Greensburg; Milliron and Zion, later called Schwab’s, two miles south of Ruffsdale…all of the “backs parts of Pennsylvania.” The remains of Rev. John Weber are buried in the cemetery.”

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