PWC Search & Call

Search and Call Information and Summary

Search and Call is the process by which our local churches seek new pastors and our pastors seek new settings for ministry. Although in the United Church of Christ there is a basic process, there are also variations within Conferences.

Search Committees in the Penn West Conference use the resources from the UCC Manual entitled A Pilgrimage through Transitions to New Beginnings. The Manual can be downloaded from the UCC website at here.

A Search Committee begins by completing a Local Church Profile of the congregation. Once this is complete, the position is advertised in the UCC Employment Listing. The Search Committee also completes a one-page advertisement that is shared with potential candidates.

When Ministerial Profiles are received in the Conference Office, all of the one-page advertisements are emailed to the ministers for consideration with a request that they indicate to which churches they would like their ministerial profile sent.

The Search Committee receives the Ministerial Profiles of those interested in their congregation. At this point the Search Committee makes initial decisions and sends their Local Church Profile to those candidates that seem like possible matches for their congregation. The Search Committee and the potential candidates begin the process of sharing information, communication, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, reference checks, etc. Eventually the discernment process leads to one final candidate.

Following negotiations regarding the Call Letter, the candidate is presented to the congregation for consideration and election.

If you have questions about the Search and Call process, please contact the Penn West Conference Office.