Partners in Faith Formation

We are passionate about...
...learning the Gospel
...teaching the Gospel the Gospel

How can we help you nurture the same passion in your congregation? Our passion for learning, teaching, and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ extends from the youngest children to the most experienced adults, from our local church basements to the plenary sessions of Annual Meeting, from the new volunteer tackling his first lesson plans to the professional teaching grandchildren of children she taught as a young teen. We are Christian Educational specialists, lay and ordained, as well as experienced teachers who want to help you succeed no matter where you are or who your class members are. The Partners in Faith Formation have access to resources throughout the United Church of Christ which we use to help you and your church provide the best faith formation experiences possible for all ages.

Our team members have trained

  • to help you identify the best curriculum for your circumstances.
  • to guide you as you develop your teaching style in faithful response to God’s call.
  • to learn techniques that work with learners of different styles and abilities;
  • to handle difficult issues in your congregation with the right information and the right resources.
  • to provide training and support for UCC educational programs and those of our national partners.

Our Partners in Faith Formation also work with our Associate for Youth Ministry to facilitate the youth ministry of the Conference, and administer the Conference bookstore.

Contact the Conference Office to arrange for a seminar for your group (congregations, areas, associations, etc.) in one of the areas listed above. The titles below are just a sampling; we can present information about:

  • Elements of Curriculum
  • Making Faithful Choices about Curriculum
  • A Guide to Curriculum Selection
  • Discovering, Using, and Expanding Your Teaching Comfort Zone
  • Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles
  • Selecting a Human Sexuality Curriculum
  • Social Justice Education
  • Why Do We Need a Safe Church Policy and How Do We Create One?
  • Why and How–Faith Practices, Seasons of the Spirit, Gather Round

And if you’d like to join us as a Partner in Faith Formation, please let us know!