We are currently seeking personnel for the following Churches

Unity UCC, Berlin (Shanksville) PA
Membership – 345
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; housing allowance provided
Position – Pastor, 1/2 time
Unity is a merger of several congregations and about 200 years of ministry in the Glades. Our constitution states that “the purpose of this congregation is to establish in this community a Christian congregation for worship, to promote the Christian life, to celebrate the Sacraments, and to advance the Kingdom of God by all available means at home and abroad.” We are looking for a leader who is also a working member; this person will need to be welcoming, encouraging, friendly, and approachable. It is important to us that the pastor, in conjunction with the congregation, will: help foster a comfortable environment where people want to gather; feel comfortable experimenting with technology and worship; encourage and support Sunday school attendance and youth participation; participate in church and community events that the church hosts whether it benefits the church or benefits the community at large; and provide leadership and proactivity towards growing our local and community mission work, both hands on and monetary.
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The Abbey Reformed UCC, Huntingdon PA
Membership – 249
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; housing allowance provided
Position – Interim Pastor, 1/2-time
Located in beautiful, historic Huntingdon, Pa, the Abbey has been serving God for over 200 years. The congregation embraces the slogan “We are family” as part of our congregational identity. Our Sunday worship at the Abbey reaches not only those who are worshipping in person, but also those who choose to view through our state-of-the-art online streaming platforms. Music is a treasured part of our worship experience and is offered through a variety of musical talents. We are seeking a half-time interim Pastor to lead us through our time of transition as we look forward to continuing spiritual growth and renewal. This would include planning and preparations for Sunday worship services; pastoral calls/visitations; availability for congregational emergencies; and support in furthering study and prayer for the congregation at large.

Woodcock Valley Charge, Entriken PA
Membership – 159
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; housing allowance provided
Position – Settled Pastor, 3/4-time
Our charge is looking to continue to reach out to the community to offer spiritual leadership. Our goal is to keep the continuity of our current church family and grow our congregation through networking and community outreach. We would like a three-quarter time vibrant minister who is going to lead, support, and become part of our church family.
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Paradise-Troutville Charge, Reynoldsville & Luthersburg PA
Membership – 255
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines; no housing
Position – Interim Pastor, Full-time
The Paradise Community United Church of Christ and the Troutville Trinity United Church of Christ are primarily conservative congregations who share financial responsibility for the duties of a single pastor. The former pastor of the Paradise-Troutville charge has recently departed, leaving us in need of a new pastor to join us as we move forward. Paradise is a rural church located along a quiet country road between Big Run and Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania with a weekly attendance averaging 60-70 people. The Troutville church is located five miles away in the village of Troutville, PA. This congregation is smaller, but also consists of dedicated members with attendance around 20 people. Each church has a single service on Sunday morning with our shared pastor starting at Paradise and then travelling to Troutville. Both congregations are comprised of long-time members as well as more recent additions who seek to present the love of Christ through service to individuals, to the community, and to the world at large. We are inviting candidates for an interim pastor to consider joining us. The position offered would be full time. Would you prayerfully consider that God may be leading you to help us through this time as we begin our search for a new permanent pastor? We trust that God sees our needs and is working all things for our good as he directs us on this new path.

St. Paul’s Community Church, Chicora PA
Membership – 373
Salary/Housing – Negotiable; parsonage available
Position – Interim Pastor, Full-time
We are a federated church with dedicated members in both the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference and the United Church of Christ. We are a very active congregation who hold high expectations as we continue to function without pastoral leadership. We are in search of an interim pastor who is willing to become a part of the community, with goals to establish a youth program, and motivate us to new ministries. Theologically, we are a traditionally reformed congregation. We have a modern parsonage and would prefer a fulltime pastor in the near future.

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, Latrobe PA
Membership – 127
Salary/Housing – $19,143 (base) + $5,742 (housing) = $24,885 (estimate based on no experience)
Position – Pastor, ½ -time
Here at St. Paul’s we are striving to move towards a future of growth, that is, growth in membership and growth in ministry throughout the community. The goal is a multigenerational congregation worshiping in ways that incorporate the traditional, the contemporary, and new technology who inspire others to follow Christ. The path to this vision involves attracting a pastor who will work hand in hand with us on this journey. We are seeking a caring, energetic, educated, and social individual who is comfortable interacting with a variety of ages in our congregation and in the community.
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Belknap UCC, Dayton PA Membership – 98
Salary – PWC Conference Guidelines
Position – Interim Minister, 1/4-time
Our church is in a time of transition right now. We would like to see it be an up and coming church, a community leader, and to be able to spread God's Word. To get there, we first need an interim minister as a leader; someone to get our middle-aged members more involved; and someone who appeals to the young people of the church. We are seeking God's help, a strong minister, ALL the church members, and Penn West Conference to join us in our church's faith journey.

Pymatuning Charge/Central Christian Church, New Hamburg, Transfer, and Hermitage PA
Membership – 358
Salary/Housing – $40,000 Salary Basis
Position – Pastor, ¾ time
Located in Mercer County, Western Pennsylvania; St. Mark's, New Hamburg, and Zion's, Transfer seek a 1/2 time pastor for Pymatuning Charge. Friendly Congregations seek a pastor to guide us and grow us spiritually. Share the passion of big hearts reaching out to our communities through missions and sharing with the world the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We are small community churches eager to move forward. CCC, located within 8 miles south of the Pymatuning Charge in Hermitage, is seeking a ¼ time pastor interested in community outreach. We are a friendly supportive church intentionally seeking to be Jesus Christ’s presence showing His grace and mercy in our community and beyond. We respect the past but are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and are ever moving forward envisioning what the future holds. We base our ministry on compassionate service, developing relationships with all God’s children!
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