We are currently seeking personnel for the following Churches

Salem United Church of Christ, Martinsburg, PA
Membership – 50
Salary – Negotiable within PWC Conference Guidelines
Position – Pastor, Part-time
We are a “Faithful and Welcoming” congregation seeking to grow spiritually as well as in attendance. Our members and friends within this rural community work together to achieve the desired outcome on all projects undertaken. As a congregation, we are very mission oriented, both for local needs and those far reaching. We have instituted a monthly “bucket brigade” to support these mission projects with, if needed, matching funds from the church treasury. The congregation is willing to help the leaders of the church in any way possible to make the church experience a positive one.
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Christ UCC, Latrobe PA & St. John's UCC, Darlington PA
Membership – 196
Salary/Housing – Conference Guidelines/Parsonage
Position – Pastor, Full-time
The pastor's primary ministerial and administrative duties involve Christ Church. There are no administrative duties at St. John's, where the pastor is essentially responsible for Sunday morning worship services (currently 9:00AM - 10:00AM, followed by services at Christ Church at 11:00AM) and for services related to funerals, weddings, baptisms and communion. For the most part, the people of St. John's take care of visiting and supporting their sick and home-bound members, but the pastor should be available for such visits upon request. Our churches are on a journey to become more diverse and growing congregations with a Pastor being led by the Holy Spirit, who has a heart for missions and who is excited to participate in the life of the Church and Community.
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Pymatuning Charge, New Hamburg and Transfer PA
Membership – 257
Salary/Housing – $30,000 Salary Basis
Position – Pastor, Part-time
Located in Mercer County, Western Pennsylvania; St. Mark's, New Hamburg, and Zion's, Transfer seek a 1/2 time pastor for Pymatuning Charge. Friendly Congregations seek a pastor to guide us and grow us spiritually. Share the passion of big hearts reaching out to our communities through missions and sharing with the world the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We are small community churches eager to move forward.
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