Churches in the Penn West Conference Seeking Pastors

The Abbey UCC, Huntingdon PA
Membership – 250
Salary/Housing - $33,000 + Benefits and either Parsonage or Housing Allowance
Position – Pastor, Full-time
The Abbey United Church of Christ, located in beautiful and historic Huntingdon, PA, is seeking a full-time pastor to lead a congregation through a unifying role in the life of the church. The Abbey members believe in a “We are Family” ideology and are looking for a pastor who is a self-motivated and vibrant leader. The Pastor will work collaboratively with the members towards a biblically based and shared vision of who we want to be as Christians.
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St. Paul’s UCC, Knox PA
Memberships – 65
Salary: $16,500
Position – Pastor, Part-time
St. Paul’s UCC is a small, tightly knit family in Christ that is over 200 years young. We are active as a church with social and fundraising events. Our church is also active within the community. Located half-way between Erie and Pittsburgh, we are one mile from Interstate 80. Our congregation is seeking a pastor who is a friend and spiritual advisor to help us grow both individually and as a church.
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Memberships – 135
Salary/Housing – $36,000 + Benefits and Parsonage or Housing Allowance
Position – Pastor, Full-time
Trinity UCC is a place to focus on God's spirit of love, reach out to the community, and encourage young people to discover the Word. We seek a Pastor that will help us live into our vision and provide leadership to our congregation while being an active member of the community setting an example of what Christ calls us all to be. The church is located in a beautiful suburban community just 13 miles north of Pittsburgh.
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Paradise Charge: Trinity UCC (New Germany), Grantsville MD and St. John's UCC, Salisbury PA
Memberships – 85 and 85
Salary - $28,000 + Benefits and Parsonage or Housing Allowance
Position – Pastor, Full-time
Paradise...a warm friendly two-point charge separated by ten miles in the "roof-garden" of Maryland and Pennsylvania seeks energetic spiritual leader to enrich our faith journey, inspire our God-given talents, and share responsibilities in expanding our ministries, as we seek wisdom and strength from the Holy Spirit for guidance and inspiration to expand our service to God and humanity, as we listen to our still speaking God.
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Emanuel UCC, Warren PA
Membership - 111
Salary – $10,700 + P and some benefits
Position – Part-time Pastor
Emanuel UCC is a dedicated congregation that is very active in the community. Located in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains and on the banks of the Allegheny River, this historical community of 9,700 provides multiple activities for enjoying God's creation year around. Providing an attractive parsonage, the congregation is friendly, mission-focused, and open to new ideas.
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St. John’s UCC, Larimer
Members Membership – 58

Salary – Conference Guidelines

Position – Pastor (Part-time)
St. John’s UCC is a small, tightly-knit family in Christ. We are looking for someone with a joyous faith and devotion to the Good News of the Gospel to lead us on our spiritual journey. St. John’s is over 125 years young! We are as committed to our future growth as we are to each other and to the community. Located in the suburbs just east of Pittsburgh PA, we are a church that is actively involved in its community. We have outreach programs that assist those in need. The church opens its doors to several groups, especially youth-based groups, welcoming scouting and other organizations to use the church facilities on a regular basis. Now St. John’s congregation is looking for a new spiritual leader to continue our journey in God’s grace and ministry.
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